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I'm going to let you into a little secret... before we planned our trip around Australia, I had never even thought for one second about visiting Byron Bay. I knew that I wanted to go to Melbourne and Sydney, Mike had set his sights on Darwin and Brisbane, but Byron Bay was somewhere that really took us by surprise. Most famous as an amazing place for surfing, this coastal town in New South Wales has a really cool, chill vibe and plenty of hikes if, like us, you enjoy getting out in nature. The views are amazing, there's some really cool animals to keep an eye out for, and did you know that here you can visit Australia's most easterly mainland point too?

Eating Vegan in Byron Bay

Australia is just so full of surprises." - Bill Bryson

Honestly, Byron Bay was a big surprise for us: from the moment we stepped off our bus and spotted a big lizard basking in the sun, we couldn't get enough of this place! And want to know another great thing about the mellow vibes of Byron? There are plenty of excellent places to grab yourself a bite of vegan food too!

1st: BayGer

1/8 Jonson St, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia

A really cool burger joint operating out of a rustic-style shack, BayGer is an amazing spot for vegans, veggies and omnis to grab a tasty burger and fries. This was our first meal in Byron Bay and it remained legendary throughout the time we were there: this burger, fries, and homemade lemonade was everything we needed!

We both opted for their vegan cheeseburger, and honestly, this was one of the best cheeseburgers I’ve ever had. Initially we were a little disappointed that only one of the bun choices was vegan (the Turkish bread) - however, it was hearty, wholesome and delicious. It was actually nice that this was a little bit different to your run-of-the-mill bun. Presentation wise, this burger it looked beautiful, but we did have to rearrange it a bit due to the slip! The fillings were perfect with mustard and ketchup, and vegan aioli as a nice touch too.

Oh my goodness, the vegan cheese was so melty and tasty, not rubbery like some vegan cheeses can be. This plant-based cheese honestly is the real deal. And last but definitely not least I bring your attention to the burger patty. Wow this was genuinely like a hamburger - the texture was incredible and the flavour was meaty but not greasy, so good! The burgers can be bought on their own but it’s good value to add the meal deal for $4.50 extra - the fries are the best we’ve had in Australia so far, crunchy on the outside but fluffy on the inside, slightly seasoned but without the overpowering seasoning that we’ve found a lot of Australian places do to their chips.

The vegan cheeseburger meals cost us AU$17.40 each (approx. £9.34, €10.71 or $11.82). We thought this was an excellent price: for a plant-based burger of this quality, with tasty fries and homemade lemonade, we were pleased with the value for money offered by BayGer. We really recommend checking this place out!

2nd: Combi

5b/21, 25 Fletcher St, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia

Combi is a super cute brunch place located in the centre of Byron Bay. We headed there for breakfast and, though we weren't super hungry, we were absolutely delighted with what we tried. Offering a comprehensive menu of breakfast and lunch options, the majority of which are vegan (or can be made so), although a few things on the menu contain meat.

We picked their homemade banana bread and wow, is this what hippy surfer breakfast dreams are made of? I think it might be! I didn’t really know what to expect with this, but it was straight up incredible. The banana bread itself was moist and doughy on the inside with a crisp and slightly sugary crunch to the crust: it was incredibly filling but also very morish. The fruit on top was fresh and sweet, especially the slice of orange which was an unexpected and delicious treat atop the doorstep chunk of banana bread. The vegan butter set off the flavours nicely by adding a bit of balance to the sweetness, while the granola and seeds added an extra bit of texture and flavour to what was already a hearty and delicious breakfast.

We thought that the prices at Combi were pretty good, paying AU$9 per portion of banana bread (approx. £4.84, €5.54 or $6.12). Though this was one of the cheaper options on the menu, with more substantial meals obviously coming in at a higher price, we thought that there absolutely would be something for everyone here.

3rd: Yulli's

2/1 Carlyle St, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia

While we were in Byron Bay we fancied something special, and a little bit different for dinner one night, so we headed over to Yulli's. This Asian restaurant offers a modern menu full of innovative asian-fusion dishes designed for sharing, alongside a comprehensive cocktail menu. This is a funky place with a great atmosphere!

We didn't really know what to try from Yulli's; ultimately, alongside some crispy seaweed snacks, we chose to try the pan-fried roti with massaman curry, alongside the san choy bow. The roti itself had a good texture, and was warm and fluffy from the oven; although it didn't live up to the roti canai we tried in Kuala Lumpur, this flatbread was tasty in its own right. We enjoyed dipping the roti in the massaman curry that was served on the side, although the flavours of the curry weren't quite as expected, reminding us a little of tomato soup! The presentation, however, was impeccable: topped with fresh onions, cucumber, chilli, and coriander, this dish really did look the part!

This was similarly the case with the san choy bow: these stuffed lettuce really were something, and they looked incredible! Served cold and packed with crispy rice, tofu, fresh herbs, bamboo, chilli, peanuts, and fried shallots, they had tonnes of crunch! Though the flavours weren't really for us, it was great to try something different here, and the innovative dishes available at Yulli's are certainly something exciting to explore while you're in Byron Bay.

We thought, for upmarket Asian fusion cuisine like this, Yulli's prices weren't too bad: the pan-fried roti with massaman curry cost AU$15.50 (approx. £8.33, €9.55 or $10.54) while the san choy bow was AU$17.50 (approx. £9.41, €10.78 or $11.90). Though your bill would increase if you order more dishes than we did, it is easy to limit the amount you spend too.

Where is your favourite place to get plant-based food in Byron Bay? Are there any new places or old favourites that we've missed? Leave us a comment to let us know (and others who might be visiting too!)


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The centre of Vienna with tall, historic buildings all around
Byron Bay is home to some beautiful views!

Where should I stay?

There are plenty of choices of accommodation available in Byron Bay, depending on the kind of vibe you're looking for on your trip.

For premium accommodation with a social atmosphere, why not check out The Surf House: recently refurbished, with a rooftop bar, they offer relaxing en suite private rooms (or dorms, for a much lower price, if that is more your style!)

For something different, Arts Factory Lodge have a choice of teepees and island bungalows, ranging from dorms to ensuite private accommodation, in five acres of beautiful Byron Bay.

Tours & Experiences

There is one thing that most people head to Byron Bay for, and that is to surf! If you've never caught a wave before, or you could do with a good refresher, why not check out these half-day surf lessons! Or, if that's not for you, how about some of the top-rated Viator tours below!

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