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Ubud was our second stop on the paradise island of Bali, Indonesia - but it was our first real taste of the tranquility that Bali is known for. On our first few days on the island, we went to Kuta - a busy tourist town known much more for its nightlife! Though Kuta was where we tried some incredible, authentic vegan sate (satay), Ubud was definitely far more our vibe! We felt relaxed from our very first moments in this beautiful town: a really arty place, full of culture, dance, and incredible food, Ubud has become famous not only for its rice terraces and jungles, but for its chill atmosphere. With streets mixing traditional Balinese culture with boutique stores and yoga studios, you're just as likely to find an ancient temple here as a vegan cafe... and we are so here for that!

Eating Vegan in Ubud

“Life, religion, and art all converge in Bali. They have no word in their language for ‘artist’ or ‘art.’ Everyone is an artist" - Anais Nin

If you're vegetarian or vegan, you've come to the right place. Ubud is an incredible place for plant-based cuisine in Bali (second only, maybe, to Canggu) and you will not struggle to find something delicious here! But how to know what to try, when there's so much choice? We've left our suggestions below, with tips on what to look out for: read on, then watch the video at the bottom of the page, to see our opinions on the best vegan spots in Ubud, Bali.

1st: Siboghana Waroeng

Jl. Made Lebah No.36, Peliatan, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

You might recognise Siboghana Waroeng from our 'vegan gado-gado in Ubud' blog. If you've read this blog, you'll know that we absolutely fell in love with the traditional Balinese dish, gado-gado here. Well, we fell in love with Siboghana Waroeng too. With its super chill atmosphere, incredible home-cooked vegan food, and unbelievable prices, there was no way that Siboghana Waroeng wouldn't make our top spot!

This plant-based Waroeng is situated in the outskirts of some of that lush Balinese rainforest: with mandala painting workshops upstairs, and some beautiful and tranquil accommodation across the courtyard, it is the perfect hangout for anyone looking for a relaxing trip. Though there were some digital nomads working in the Waroeng while we were there, the place was virtually silent - except for the sounds of the nearby jungle insects chirping! It was the most chill we'd felt in a while, and we loved the experience here for that.

And that is before we get to the food! We couldn't believe the prices on the menu: with dishes ranging between Rp10,000 and Rp30,000 (approx. £0.54 to £1.62, €0.62 to €1.87, or $0.67 to $2.00), we could not believe the value for money here! And the quality of the food, is honestly second to none. Everything here is cooked from scratch: this means that service takes a lot longer than in places that have food pre-prepared, and there is a sign at the entrance to the Waroeng warning diners that meals on average take around 45 minutes to prepare. However, for your patience, the ultimate reward is the amazing food here at Siboghana Waroeng. Our gado-gado was the best that we tasted, with delicious fresh vegetables, tofu, that incredible peanut sauce, topped with a delicious crunchy crisp. I cannot explain how delicious this gado-gado was (although I try my best in our vegan gado-gado in Ubud blog!) and the spring rolls we ordered on the side were similarly fresh and delicious. The presentation was incredible too: honestly, you have to try this place while you're in Ubud!

This was fresh, plant-based, Balinese cuisine at its absolute best. And, as I've already alluded to, the prices blew us away. The hearty bowl of spring rolls, freshly cooked, with sauce on the side, and our huge and tasty bowl of gado-gado, cost Rp20,000 each. This is approximately £1.08, €1.20, or $1.33). This is incredible - there is no other word for it. The ingredients are fresh, the food is really tasty, and the Waroeng is somewhere that I could spend a full day relaxing. There is no question in my mind that this is my favourite place to get some truly Balinese vegan food here in Ubud.

2nd: Pizza Cult

Jl. Sri Wedari No.16, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

We were pretty excited to come across Pizza Cult, a 100% plant-based pizzeria situated in the heart of Ubud, Bali. Not only did this place offer plenty of vegan cheese options to top their pizzas, they had a really cool range of traditional and innovative toppings too. Whether you're looking for the iconic pepperoni, or something more creative like honey pear gorgonzola, Pizza Cult have a vegan slice for you.

We really liked this comfortable restaurant, with its friendly service and relaxed vibes. But what we liked most was all of the choices we had. Ultimately, I chose the Smoky Jack, which came topped with pulled jackfruit, tomatoes, and homemade parmesan, whilst Mike went for the Pepperoni Pi. This one was topped with vegan pepperoni slices, vegan mozzarella, and lots of fresh basil leaves. These pizzas were really impressive - though the sauce to cheese ratio was a little too sauce heavy for us (we are big lovers of a very cheesy pizza), the taste was really good, and they looked amazing! The sourdough crusts were delicious - we wish we could make Pizza Cult our local pizzeria!

Admittedly, Pizza Cult was pretty expensive in terms of a meal out in Bali. The Smoky Jack cost Rp89,000 (approx. £4.78, €5.54 or $5.94), whilst the Pepperoni Pi cost Rp100,000 (approx. £5.38, €6.22, or $6.67). While this doesn't sound super expensive in Western terms, it is actually probably the most expensive meal we had during our time in Bali: especially since there is a 15% surcharge on top of the menu prices for service and taxes. For a treat though, this definitely wouldn't put us off, and if you want an inventive and delicious restaurant-quality vegan pizza while you're in Ubud, Pizza Cult is definitely one to check out!

3rd: Pumpkin & Beetroot

Jl. Sugriwa No.60-64, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

Pumpkin & Beetroot is probably the most conveniently located and beautiful veggie-vegan restaurant here in Ubud. With an open front looking into the town, there are so many delicious choices on the menu here to enjoy while watching the world go by. The restaurant itself was a really comfortable and nice place to chill too - we absolutely loved the bird artwork on the walls!

The menu at Pumpkin & Beetroot consists of a range of Asian, Mexican, and Western dishes, all made to plant-based recipes. Whether you're looking for a wholesome smoothie bowl, a crisp salad, or a hearty mushroom stroganoff with mashed potato, there is definitely something on the menu here to suit your tastes. We visited Pumpkin & Beetroot for lunch, and we weren't super hungry, so we opted for some light bites. Mike chose the soft tacos, which were packed with lentils, 'feta' tofu, salsa, guacamole, hot sauce, cashew cream and lettuce... as it turned out, this bite definitely was not light! These tacos were tasty, while still feeling super healthy, and the flavours really packed a punch. I chose the veggie fried noodles, which included a range of vegetables (carrots, sweetcorn, my favourite edamame beans, bok choy, shallots, and spring onions) as well as a good portion of tofu. This was a little lighter but still pretty filling - the flavours were subtle but fresh, and though it wasn't as tasty as Mike's tacos, it was still a solid lunch choice.

We thought the prices at Pumpkin & Beetroot were quite reasonable. Mike's soft tacos cost Rp55,000 (approx. £2.95, €3.40, or $3.67), and my veggie fried noodles came in at the impressive price of Rp25,000 (approx. £1.34, €1.55, or $1.67). For a really friendly and atmospheric place to eat in the centre of town, some great menu choices, and good prices, Pumpkin & Beetroot is definitely one to visit.

4th: Paradiso Ubud

Jl. Goutama Sel., Ubud, Kec. Gianyar, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

A bit more of an off-the-wall choice here, Paradiso is definitely somewhere for vegetarians and vegans to visit in Ubud, but for more reasons than just the food. Paradiso is actually a cinema, that serves exclusively raw vegan food. This 150-capacity arts and cultural centre hosts daily films, exhibitions, workshops, and performances - so is the perfect place to visit for some entertainment, as well as for some healthy plant-based food.

Though we weren't able to visit the cinema while we were in Ubud, due to a packed schedule, we did head down for a snack one afternoon. Their raw vegan cafe is open to the public, and has a wide range of choices from fresh baked goods to salads, hot dogs, sandwiches, and (of course) popcorn! We chose two of their cakes: the chocolate triangle and the zesty lemon carrot cake. These refrigerated cakes were pretty dense, so we were glad we didn't order anything else - we were very full once we had finished! They were sweet and felt pretty healthy too: perfect for a filling mid-afternoon dessert if you need to refuel while you're exploring Ubud's epic landscapes and cultural scene!

Though these desserts were a little more on the expensive side - the zesty lemon carrot cake cost Rp59,000 (approx. £3.17, €3.70, or $3.94), while the chocolate triangle was a little cheaper at Rp55,000 (approx. £2.95, €3.40, or $3.67). These cakes were homemade with quality ingredients which understandably come at a higher cost, so we thought these prices were good for what we received. For a wholesome plant-based day out, we'd really recommend checking what's on at Paradiso via their Facebook page!

Where is your favourite place to get plant-based food in Ubud? Are there any new places or old favourites that we've missed? Leave us a comment to let us know (and others who might be visiting too!)


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Where should I stay?

As an established tourist centre, Ubud has some of the best accommodation in Bali. Whether you're looking for a social hostel to meet new friends, a wellness retreat to relax and do some yoga, or a homestay where you can get an authentic Balinese experience, there is something for you. For a comfortable dorm experience, Sunshine Vintage House offers friendly service, tour bookings, free tea and coffee, and a vegan friendly breakfast upon request. For private accommodation, with a traditional Balinese and the convenience of an en-suite, check out Pondok Permata Homestay, whose friendly service regularly receives incredible reviews.

Tours & Experiences

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