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Hello from Brisbane, possibly one of my favourite places in Australia! Honestly, Brisbane was a massive surprise to me: Mike had added it to the list of his top picks for Australia but I didn't know what to expect - surely it couldn't be as good as Melbourne or Sydney? Well, it actually might have been better! I really loved the vibe of this city: there was so much to see and do, some absolutely stunning views, and some of the most incredible vegan food I have eaten in my life so far!

I said that Mike was more excited than me to visit Brisbane, well he was definitely more excited than me to try the Aussie Burger. When he told me about this dish I genuinely thought he was joking: "no, really Mike, that absolutely cannot be a thing!" Well, it turns out that the Aussie Burger not only exists, but there is a vegan one that we could try in Brisbane too! So of course, we did exactly that... read on, then watch the video at the end of this blog, to check out what we thought of this absolutely bonkers Aussie legend!

So tell us, what exactly is an Aussie Burger?

When I tell you what goes into an Aussie Burger, you have to trust me: honestly, this is real, I am not having you on. This burger is an absolute beast, an iconic creation here; you'll understand why I was a little apprehensive about trying it! In actual fact, this dish has a less concise name: you'll often find it referred to as 'An Aussie Burger with The Lot'. 'The lot' refers to a whole load of ingredients that you would never expect to find in a burger, let alone all together! So here is a list of what usually goes into this absolute mega junk food dish:

  • A bread bun (obviously)

  • A burger patty (usually beef) (standard)

  • Tomato sauce (yes, fair enough)

  • Cheese (normal)

  • Bacon (fancy, but not unexpected)

  • Lettuce (a good bit of crunch)

  • Onion (a bit of garnish, nice)

  • Tomato (nice, but the potential to get messy)

  • Beetroot (wait, what?)

  • A fried egg (are you sure? This sounds a bit much)

  • Pineapple (no, surely you're having me on now?)

So there you have it. The absolute monstrosity that comprises and Aussie Burger with The Lot. It is, indeed, a lot. So of course, when we found out that a vegan version existed in Brisbane, we had to try it.

Where did we try a vegan Aussie Burger with The Lot in Brisbane?

We headed to Grassfed, a really cool vegan eatery in Brisbane that specialised in the absolute best junk food made entirely plant-based. We're talking a hearty range of vegan burgers and ice cream, alongside loaded fries, vegan nuggets and onion rings. They also have thick and tasty vegan milkshakes, and incredibly indulgent sundaes too.

This place had such a cool vibe, we really enjoyed eating here. The staff were lovely, and the restaurant itself felt like a great place to hang out. If we had had longer in Brisbane you can be absolutely sure that we would have been back for more!

So come on - tell us all about the burger! How on earth did this taste?

So there's no denying that this burger was an ABSOLUTE UNIT. They call it an Aussie Burger with The Lot for a reason: it really was a lot. It was difficult to photograph it, given its height and complexity, let alone to get your mouth around it! This burger comes with a skewer thought it, encased in paper, and do yourselves a favour and keep these things intact! It is not the most stable creation (but hey, the best things rarely are!)

Mike was pretty excited when he saw this, but I was apprehensive. I could not for the life of me imagine how all of these things would work together. I was looking at this burger, with its mound of beetroot, vegan fried egg, pineapple, all surrounding the more typical components just thinking 'What? How? Why?'... and that's when I took a deep breath and gave it a try.

And wow. Just wow. These things really, really should not work together, but somehow they do. I do not know who invented this, whether it was for a challenge or a dare, but they might well be a culinary genius. And Kudos to Grassfed for creating a vegan version of this masterpiece: it's hard enough to create a vegan fried egg, let alone to relegate it to a bit part role in this almighty Aussie dish. Neither of us could believe how delicious this burger was: the patty itself was tasty, with a great texture, the vegan cheese was melty and indulgent, the vegan egg was really impressive - every element of the burger held its own whilst working in harmony with the other ingredients. I mean sure, it was messy, I had purple hands by the end of it, but wow, it was absolutely worth it!

How much did these plant-based Aussie Burgers cost - and were they worth it?

These mammoth burgers cost AU$15.90 each (approx. £8.52, €9.80 or $10.75). Okay, I hear you - this is kind of expensive for a burger, and I agree. So why do I think it is worth it? Well, firstly, you are trying a culinary legend here: I am really pleased that I did not leave Australia without trying a plant-based version of this burger that you won't find anywhere else.

But also - check out the ingredients: for a burger that contains so many things, let alone a vegan burger patty, sauce, cheese, and A VEGAN FRIED EGG, you can really see where the cost has come from, and how it can be justified. Something this huge and intricate won't come cheap - but this is an experience too, and one that I definitely won't forget!

Have you tried vegan Aussie Burger with The Lot in Australia? Or elsewhere in the world! Where did you go and what did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.


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Where should I stay?

There are tonnes of hotels, apartments and hostels available in Brisbane - for affordable places to stay with a choice of beautiful ensuite private and dorm rooms, check out Selina Brisbane. Or for something a little more basic, but with clean and comfortable private rooms in a leafy suburb, check out Kookaburra Inn.

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