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Please note that due to the current economic situation in Türkiye, prices are very variable and may change rapidly. The prices quotes are those we paid in October 2023 - please check current menus for the most up to date prices.

There is one dish that we were absolutely certain that we wanted to try while we were visiting Türkiye... and that dish, of course, was pide! So you can imagine our delight when we found a completely plant-based pide in Antalya - as well as our heightening levels of anticipation as we travelled for three weeks around the country, knowing that large and sumptous plant-based pide platters awaited us when we reached the famous Turkish seaside destination. We thought about it on and off as we travelled the country, our mouths watering when we finally arrived!

But wait, what exactly is pide?

Pide is a dish that isn't too dissimilar to pizza in taste, but is quite different in appearance! These long, pointed, oval shaped dishes consist of a thick, flattened base of dough with a rolled crust. In between the crusts, the pide is stuffed with a variety of ingredients, usually (but not always) including tomato and cheese. Just like a pizza, meat, vegetables, and all sorts of delicious flavours often adorn the pide, with minced meat and cheeses one of the most beloved toppings.

Where did we try vegan pide in Antalya?

Antalya has a reasonable, and growing, vegan scene, but there was one place that we were particularly excited to visit. Vegan House had a menu that really made us excited, and this was where we headed to get our taste of plant-based pide.

This light and airy, completely plant based restaurant is situated a little way from the usual tourist haunts, with plenty of fun shops and leafy neighbourhoods nearby. The restaurant itself has a relaxing ambiance and friendly service: and the exciting pide platter that we had our hearts set on! We got ourselves comfy, excited...

So come on - tell us all about the pide! How did it taste?

Wow. This pide platter was not only big enough for sharing, it was packed with homemade flavour. With salad and tasty, well-seasoned fries tucked between them, the two pides filled the plate. With one garlic mushroom and cheese pide, and another, a plant-based version of the traditional minced meat pide, we were over the moon.

My favourite was the garlic mushroom pide: these are flavours that I am obsessed with anyway, but all of that garlic and the soft, doughy bread, all topped with smooth and flavoursome vegan cheese, and delicious mushrooms... what's not to love? I was in love with this pide, and couldn't get enough! Mike, meanwhile, really enjoyed the mince pide. This one was topped with soft and really tasty vegan mince. Tomatoey, lightly spiced, this pide was warming - though we were stuffed when we'd finished our pide platter, we would genuinely eat this over and over again!

How much did the plant-based pide cost - and was it worth it?

This mix pide platter cost 250₺ (approx. £6.48, €7.58 or $8.26). Though this is a little more expensive than many of the standard pides that you'll find across Türkiye, this is fairly reasonable for two full pides, topped with plant-based ingredients, and with some home cooked chips and dressed salad too. This platter was big enough to feed us both, and this was a wonderful restaurant too!

Have you tried vegan pide in Türkiye? Or elsewhere in the world! Where did you go and what did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.


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Where should I stay?

Antalya is a popular destination in Türkiye so has a wide range of accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets. For a low priced option, we stayed at Kuyu Beergarden & Hostel, which offers a choice of stylish privates or dorm rooms, with a well equipped shared kitchen, a great location, and plenty of shared space to enjoy a chat or a beer. For more of a luxurious visit, Sabah Pansiyon comes highly recommended, with a swimming pool, clean and cosy private rooms, and a beautiful garden, all for a great price.

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